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0X000000-- Blue screen of death stop errors. BSOD 's 0X30 to 0X3F
   BSOD 's are not what you want to see, but if your computer has a problem that causes Windows to totally shut down at least Windows tries to tell you what's wrong. This is the most complete list of 0X stop errors that I could find from my research on the net.
   I will be listing as many 0X stop errors as I can find and try to list as much information as I can for each. Many stops have a similar fix and those have a clickable link to the fix. This has been very time consuming and if you find the information helpful please remember to donate a little from a PayPal donation link. Thanks... Dale

0x00000030 0X30
   An attempt to edit values of SS or ESP when returning to kernel-mode code.
0x00000031 0X31

A Windows Executive failed during phase 0
0x00000032 0X32

   A Windows Executive failed during phase 1

0x00000033 0X33

   A Windows Executive failed during phase 1

0x00000034 0X34

   A Windows Executive failed during phase 1

0x00000035 0X35

   The I/O system detected a call from one driver to another with no available IRP (I/O request packet) stack locations remaining in the packet for the invoked driver to use.

0x00000036 0X26

It indicates an attempt was made to delete a device object whose reference count was non-zero. A non-zero reference count means that there are still outstanding references to the device.

0x00000037 0X37

A floppy disk driver internal error.

0x00000038 0X38

 It indicates a serial device driver internal error.

0x00000039 0X39

An attempt was made to exit a system service while owning one or more mutexes.

0x0000003A 0X3A

An attempt was made to unwind through the system service dispatcher into user mode.

0x0000003B 0X3B

An exception was raised in a system service which was not handled by the system service.

0x0000003C 0X3C

  An unwind operation was initiated in an interrupt service routine that attempted to unwind through the interrupt dispatcher.

0x0000003D 0X3D


An exception was raised in an interrupt service routine which was not handled by the interrupt service routine.

0x0000003E 0X3E

The multiprocessor configuration is not supported. For example, not all processors are at the same level or of the same type. There might also be mismatched coprocessor support.

0x0000003F 0X3F

   No more system page table entries (PTEs) exist for mapping non-paged entities.

Stop errors :
A to I  -  K to U  -  0X01 to 0X0F  -  0X10 to 0X1F  -  0X20 to 0X2F  -  0X30 to 0X3F
0X40 to 0X4F  -  0X50 to 0X5F  -  0X60 to 0X6F  -  0X70 to 0X7F  -  0X80 to 0X8F
0X90 to 0X9F  -  Stop error repair

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