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0X000000-- Blue screen of death stop errors. BSOD 's 0X20 to 0X2F
   Many BSOD 's have a similar list of causes and suggestions for repair. Below is the my list of suggestions for diagnostics and repair.
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Try rebooting the computer. The error may not come back.

If it does you should also look up some of the other 0X error/s you may be seeing on the screen with the primary 0X stop error.

Many times an error will occur due to a change in the system. If you have recently installed new hardware, try removing it. If you have installed a new software title, you may want to try to remove it. Try finding an updated version of your software title or driver for your new hardware from the manufacturer.

Many times this is from a memory error. It could be bad ram or maybe too much for the system. (remember that 32 bit versions of Windows like less than 4 Gigs)
If for some reason you can not boot into safe mode or normal mode try the option of "Last known good configuration".

If that does not work and you have created an ERD (emergency repair disk) try doing the ERD repair.

If you can not boot the system at all and you have installed new software recently, you can boot to a live disk that gives you access to your files and you go to the folder for the new program and rename the folder to trick Windows into thinking the program is no longer there. With this last method you may get a Windows boot error while rebooting the system because the registry still looks for the offending program but you should be able to get to the desktop.

If you cant get into the system still and its Windows XP, try doing a system restore from the command prompt with a XP CD "here" or try the fix with Bart's PE CD "here".

If this fails you can also try some of the utilities found on the Ultimate boot disk for Windows or UBCD4win. This is a handy live CD that every technician should have. One of the features I like is the GUI for doing a system restore. I will soon have an article about how to do this type of system restore.

If you have Vista you can try using the repair services available from the f8 function at startup. If you start the computer and tap the f8 key like you are going to go to safe mode, there is a repair windows feature now available that can help you repair the Windows startup and also let you do system restore.
Stop errors :
A to I  -  K to U  -  0X01 to 0X0F  -  0X10 to 0X1F  -  0X20 to 0X2F  -  0X30 to 0X3F
0X40 to 0X4F  -  0X50 to 0X5F  -  0X60 to 0X6F  -  0X70 to 0X7F  -  0X80 to 0X8F
0X90 to 0X9F  -  Stop error repair

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