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 Repair 0x00000019 Blue screen of death
AOL may have caused your 0x00000019 error.

I recently came across a problem with a Vista machine having a BSOD that came on suddenly and the customer couldn't figure it out.
I tested all the hardware and the computer checked out fine.
I shut off some startup programs and eliminated what I thought was the problem. The customer took the computer home and tried to open their AOL. Right afterwards the computer locked up with the 0x019 error.
I had shut off AOL and that let me start up the computer normally at the shop.
I did some research and the problem is a file. The name of the file is atwpkt2.sys
Start the computer in safe mode and do a search for atwpkt2.sys . You will probably have to do an advanced search and tell Windows to search everywhere. If you find more than one file with this name (you will) change one of the files names by adding an x to the front of the file name like this xatwpkt2.sys .
You can do this by starting the computer in safe mode if you cant get the computer to start in regular mode. Hope this helps.

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