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Stop Error 0x0000003E 0x03E and 0x0000007E 0x07E BSOD in newer Vista computers due to possible KB973879 update problems.

   There have been a lot of Vista computers that have had Blue screen errors shortly after they were purchased and updated with the KB973879 update. I have only seen a few in the last year or so but I have had this issue before. It would appear that the update effects some computers by causing a 0x0000003E or 0x0000007E BSOD error. Most of the computers would seem to be HP or Compaq so it may be related to an issue with one of the chipsets being used or maybe even a BIOS chip.

   Whatever the common link, the result is still the same. A Blue Screen error. Sometimes the computer just restarts over and over and you dont know its got this error. If you come across a computer that just reboots start the computer and hit the F8 key till you get a black and white screen that give you startup choices. Pick the choice that prevents your computer from rebooting on error and let the computer finish starting. If it has an error it will stop and you will be able to read the error.
Here are the only ways that have been found by me and others I know:

A: If you can get to the Windows Desktop in normal mode

Click Start

Click Control panel

Click Programs and Features

Click on view installed updates (on the left side)

Find the KB973879 update

Click uninstall

Restart the computer when prompted.

This will uninstall the update temporarily.

B: If you cant get to Windows normally

Start the computer then start tapping the F8 key

When you get to the startup menu use the arrow keys on the keyboard and pick safe mode

Follow the uninstall features above and uninstall the update

C: System restore method

Hit the F8 key at startup to get to the startup menu

using the arrow keys on your keyboard, pick the repair choice at the top of the screen

Windows will go through a couple of prompts about language and it will check your startup

When Windows gets to the repair choices pick system restore It may take a couple of minutes before the system restore comes up but when it does, follow the prompts and pick a restore point a day or two before the problem started. If you have installed any software after the date you choose you will have to reinstall the software

D: Reinstall Windows from scratch.

If you continue to get the update, you may have to turn off automatic updates. This is a last resort till this update issue has been taken care of.


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