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Internet Explorer 7 IE7 Restarts after you close it.

I have recently had several computers that I have had to fix a restart problem with Internet Explorer 7.


   Internet explorer gives an error when you close it and then it restarts.

   The easiest way to fix this Internet Explorer restart problem is to reset all settings in Internet Explorer.

To reset all Internet Explorer settings:
   Click on Start.

   Click Control Panel.

   Make sure your Control Panel is in Classic mode.

   Click Internet Options.

   Click the Advanced tab.

   Towards the bottom of the window you will see Reset Internet Explorer settings.

   Click Reset.

   You may receive a warning message that all add-ons, toolbars, history, homepage and settings will be removed.

   Click Reset.

   I normally click apply and then OK.

You should be able to close the Control panel and then open and close Internet Explorer.
Internet Explorer should close correctly now.

Good luck... Dale

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