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 Clicking Laptop noises.

   Laptops make lots of different noises and sometimes sound like they are about to fall apart. Sometimes these are normal noises and sometimes they are telling you that they "are" about to fall apart. Here are the top noise makers I've found in laptops:

1.  Light plastic creaking sound when opening and closing the LCD? Most of the time this is fairly normal. If your LCD lid becomes harder to open and close then you should look into getting some new hinges put in.

2.  Creaking sound while moving the laptop around?
This is normally just all of the parts rubbing around. You might think about checking the screws on the bottom of the laptop to make sure they are not loosening. Don't over tighten  the screws or you might break parts.

3. The main body of the laptop is made of plastic. The nuts that the screws go into that hold the case together are molded into the plastic. If your laptop is older or gets packed around a lot, then you can have these nuts come loose if the plastic cracks or breaks around the nut. This will loosen the case up and cause it to let the parts rub and make noise.

4. Fans?
If you have bumped or dropped your laptop recently then you may have a problem with the fan rubbing against something or a broken piece may be rattling around in the case somewhere. (including the fan cage) 

 5. Hard drive?
 Is it a fairly loud clicking noise from the hard drive area. Again, has the laptop been dropped or bumped? If it is, then shut down the laptop and read this article on another computer! .

6. CD rom?
CD / DVD drives can make noises. If it has an older rom drive it can make noise at startup. If you have a CD or DVD in the drive try removing the disk. If you have a disk in the drive that is out of balance this can cause noises in the computer.

 This information should help you find the location of the click, then you should be able to fix your issue. Good luck.


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