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 How to repair System Restore.

Repairing system restore in Windows XP is pretty easy. Once in a while system restore just doesn't work. To repair it follow these instructions:

Note: Your system restore points will be lost in this process.

First you will normally need to have your Windows XP Disk.

Insert your Windows XP disk.

If a window opens asking about installing Windows, close the installation window.

Open Internet or Windows Explorer

In the address bar type c:\windows\inf

Hit Enter

In this folder find sr.inf and right click it

Click Install

You may get a message asking for your i386 file

Normally the folder Windows is looking for is located on your cd rom at d:\i386 (this assumes your cd rom is at d:. your drive may be a different letter)
If you have recovery disks instead of reinstall disks (HP or Compaq) then i386 may be at c:\i386

Click the Browse button and navigate to your cd drive

Then browse to the i386 folder.

Click SR

Click Open

Click OK

If you are prompted to insert your XP cd click OK

Click browse

Click on SRFRAME.MM_

Click Open

Click OK

A window will open telling you to restart your computer.

Click yes and let your computer restart.

Once Windows restarts your System Restore feature should work again.

Hope this helps... Dale


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