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 System Restore with UBCD4win
Restoring Windows XP from a CD can be done many ways.
Two other ways have been mentioned on the site. One was how to run system restore from the command prompt to repair windows/system32/config/system or software located here:
and also how to replace the missing config or software files with Bart's PE disk (designed from an XP preinstall environment) instructions located here:

Now there's an even easier way if you can create an ultimate boot cd for Windows. This handy disk has lots of utilities including a way to do a system restore with a few mouse clicks instead of using the command prompt or copying and pasting and then renaming. The GUI (graphic user interface) used in the UBCD4Win is easy to use and simplifies the process of doing a system restore from a live cd when you can not get Windows XP to start. 
Here are the instructions to use the registry repair function in the UBCD4Win disk.

Insert your Ultimate boot disk.

Start your computer making sure that it boots to the CD rom first.

After a few minutes you should see the UBCD version of the Bart's PE desktop.

Click Start UBCD4Win Registry repair
Click Programs
Click Registry Tools
Click Registry Restore Wizard

You will see your choices of operating systems, normally C:\windows. Highlight your windows version and then click next.
UBCD Registry Restore Window
Next you will see a window with a choice that says "Fix the system registry to that of a previous state."  Make sure that this is selected and click Next. UBCD4win Registry Restore Wizard. Fix registry.
Next you will see a window with a list of your system restore points. If you don't see anything in this window you have no restore points. If you have a choice I normally pick second to the last Restore point. Click Next. System Restore Date
The next window will ask you to confirm the restore point you have chosen. If it is the correct restore point then click "Yes" Registry Restore Point Confirmation
The next window is a progress window that tells you that your changes are being made. When it is complete you should see a list of files that it replaced. Click on "Finish" Registry Restore changes window.

Now click "Start"
Click "Restart and Eject"
The UBCD4Win disk should pop out. Remove the disk and let the computer restart.

Your computer should start correctly now. If it does not start correctly go through the process again and try an earlier restore point.

Hope this helps... Dale


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