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Desktop has wingding font. Windows font is wingding. Cant read desktop font.

   Wingdings as text on the desktop is not much fun. I could not find any easy fixes for this on the internet at least not by what I was using as a search term. I had this happen to me while I was repairing a laptop for a customer. I had installed a new hard drive and Vista (32 bit version) and after a week she called saying that the computer was not booting correctly (Something that was installed messed up the boot). I picked it up and fixed the boot problem but while I had it some updates came into it. The machine was less than a year old but it didn't come with Service Pack 1 on it and the update was ready, so I decided to let it install. That's when the fun began. All text in the computer turned to WingDings font. When the computer rebooted. The Wingding font is unreadable by most people and I'm one of the ones that cant read it.
   Don't get me wrong, I love a good challenge but I had just told the customer that it would be ready to pick up. So after I called them back I started looking for the fix to my problem in my computer service manual (Google). Turns out that most of the things I found for this said to reinstall Windows. I thought I would do a System Restore from the Vista's startup repair choices. After looking I found that there were no system restore points. Hmmm.
   After snooping around, by accident I figured out that the fonts folder was corrupt. This means that windows was using whatever it could find in the Fonts folder. Here is the way I got rid of the wingdings font problem:

Fix #1

The easiest way would be if you can take the drive out and copy the fonts folder from a good machine to the corrupt machine.

note: I did not try the above but it should work since essentially this is what I did in fix 2 below.

If fix #1 doesn't work for you or you cant remove and hook up the corrupt drive to another machine follow the steps in Fix #2

Fix #2

Get into another computer that is working correctly. In this case I used the file from my laptop. I copied the file C:\windows\fonts to my flash drive.

(note: Use another computer with Vista to see where you need to click in the bad computer untill your fonts have been restored.)

Start the problem computer

Part "A"

Right click on the desktop

In the window that show up click on the bottom (normally: would say personalize)

Click on the top choice (normally: Window Color and Appearance)

Click the last text available on the window that opens (normally: Open classic appearance properties for more color options)

Click on the lower right button on the "inner" part of the window. (normally: Advanced)

Click on each part of the window customizing sections and when you can, use the drop down for the fonts and change the choice from a blank choice to "System"

After changing all of the areas that you can change in this area click "OK"

On the next window click apply and then "OK"

At this time you should be able to see some things in regular font.

Plug in the drive you put the fonts folder onto (I made sure it was the only thing on the drive so I could find it)

Part "B"

Click Start

Click Control Panel

Click Classic View

Click Fonts (you will probably just look for the font icon)

Right click in an empty spot in the area you see a few font choices

Click at the bottom of the window that pops up

Browse to your flash drive and open the font folder

When the list populates click on the first folder then scroll to the bottom

Hold the shift button and click on the last choice (this should highlight all of the fonts available)

Click the upper right radio button (not the red close button)

Your fonts should start importing and show back up in the fonts folder

Follow the steps in part "A" again and make sure to put the setting the way you really want them.

Restart your computer and everything should work again.

Hope this helps... Dale


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