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Wireless network security.
A basic lesson for setting up your wireless network.

For this example I will be using a Linksys router. Each model in each brand will have slightly different setup instructions but this will cover the basics.
note: These instructions assume you don't have or don't want to use the setup disk that came with your router.

Finding the router.

First you need to know the network address of the router. There are common addresses but this will quickly tell you the actual location.

Click on start

In the search bar type: cmd

Hit the enter key

You will end up with a black box open with white writing. Don't worry about what it says.

Type: ipconfig

Hit the enter key

You should now see the windows IP Configuration window showing your network address and the router. Here is an example:

Ipconfig settings

In this example my computer is and the router (the default gateway) number is

Logging in and setting a passphrase.

Now you know what the router number is you can log into it to change your settings. Keep in mind that some routers may not let you make changes from a wireless connection. You will have to make changes from a computer that is wired to the router.

Open Internet Explorer
In the address bar type your routers address. For this example it would be:
Hit enter.

You should be given a login screen asking for your username and password. (these were put in when you set up your router when you first installed it)

Router login

The default login can be one of several choices if you did not change the username and password when you set up the router.

   User         Password
1 admin and "leave blank"
2 admin and  admin
3 admin and  password

Once you have logged in click on the wireless tab or link

Linksys Wireless tab

Click on the link to the Wireless Security.

You will see the option to enable security.

You will be given several choices like WEP, WPA, WPA2 etc.

I normally use WPA personal (if there are older devices in the system) or WPA2 personal for home use.
This will allow you to use a word, numbers, or a combination of them.

For this I used "example1" as my passphrase.

WPA2 Personal
Click on "Save Settings".
The router will go through a restart and any wireless devices on your system will need to now log into the router.
Once the router restarts your wireless devices will not work. Now your system has a good basic wireless encryption. Now just log into your router using your new password.



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