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Beeping motherboard / mainboard.

Non starting or POST beeping can be due to 5 basic problems. CPU, Ram, Cards (normally Video), drives, and finally power supplies.

  1. First reseat the ram or change it to a different slot. If the board has on-board video you might be able to use a different slot besides slot 1 because that is where the shared ram normally is allocated from (not always but normally).

  2. A loose card can be the culprit. Reseat the cards in the computer. Often times the beeps are due to a graphics card problem. Try making sure that the video card is seated. Sometimes the card can be defective. Try removing all cards that are not needed to start the computer.

  3. If the computer still will not start, try unplugging your hard drive/s and CD rom/s sometimes a defective rom drive will make the computer not post.

  4. I have also had a problem with CPUs needing to be reseated but this is a rare problem. If you don't know how, there are instructions on how to change a CPU here: How to change or upgrade your CPU (Processor).  Reseating a CPU would be the same as if you were changing one.

  5. The last thing is to check or replace your power supply. I have had several power supplies not put out the correct power but not fail all together. The fan will still turn in the back but you may notice that it is slower than before. If you don't know how to check the power supply you can normally pick one up cheap enough.

 If all of this fails you probably have a defective mainboard. If this is the case, then you could have problems getting your current version of Windows to work with a new mainboard. If you have a problem getting Windows to work (normally XP and Vista) on the new mainboard like continuous reboot or a BSOD with 0X0000007b you can still get your system to work again. There are simple instructions on how to get this issue fixed here: Repair 0x0000007b Stop Error


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