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 Missing desktop icons.
Missing icons and menu bars happen.
   Sometimes after startup, on a reboot, or after a repair (like after using the ComboFix program) you can come up to a blank desktop. Its not a blank screen like windows never started at all but a screen like it stopped in the middle of loading windows. I have run into this with many XP computers and have even had to do this repair on Vista. I might even end up doing this to Windows 7 at some point but I have not had to yet. Most of the time you cant even get the system to start in Safe Mode. If this happens to you the problem may be fairly easy to resolve. This is not necessarily fool proof but will work most of the time.

The problem is normally because of the explorer program. Not internet explorer but the explorer that windows relies on to function.

The solution to getting your desktop back is simple. Click the keys Ctrl, Alt, and Del together. You will be presented with the task manager.

Click on File.

Click on New Task

in the run command type c:\windows\explorer.exe

Click OK

Your desktop should appear.

When you reboot the computer again it should now boot correctly. Windows saves or fixes the settings as the correct way to start and your problem SHOULD be over. 

If your desktop and Start menu bar do not reappear, try restarting the computer in safe mode and do the process again. If that does not work, you may need to do a manual system restore.

These articles will help with that:

System restore using windows XP Disk

Repair a corrupt registry from system restore with a Bart's PE disk.

Repair system32/config/software - system without XP CD

System restore using Ultimate Boot disk 4 windows
( UBCD4Win )



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